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We believe that the only way to improve tomorrow's options and outcomes in East Africa is through education today. Our organization focuses its efforts on access, quality, and success in East African education. We seek to support children, families, and their communities in their educational goals and to work alongside the existing educational systems with leadership present in local communities.

Educational Access – We believe that every East African should have access to education. We work to identify potential roadblocks to educational attainment. We provide resources, support, and programs to meet the identified needs and assist individuals in gaining access to education.

Educational Quality – We believe that every East African should participate in and experience high quality education in preparation for the future. We support the work of schools and educational personnel through instruction, assessment, and training to enhance the educational experience.

Educational Success – We believe that every East African should have the opportunity to achieve success through education. We work to increase school completion and attendance rates, decrease failure and dropout rates, and to promote achievement in East African education.

We believe in educational access, quality, and success for every child.

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